You have a camera let's make you a photographer
Karl Taylor's beginner photography guideKarl Taylor on location beginner photograph landscape.

Beginner photography guide

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to achieve the shot you want, which is why my goal is to show you how to get the very best out of your camera.

  • Do you know the six essentials of photography?
  • Do you understand your camera?
  • Have you mastered Manual Mode?
  • Pictures not looking like they should?
  • Do you really understand exposure?
  • Can you get creative with different shutter speeds?
  • What have you achieved with various apertures?
  • Understand the key to great composition?
  • What is ISO really for?
  • Is there a best time to photograph?
  • Can you bring everything together to achieve the results you want?

This Essentials 'beginner photography guide' is a must if you’re just starting out and want to gain a deeper understanding of photography.

Have you discovered everything you can do with your camera?

Do you know what makes a good photograph?

Model in golden hour natural light


Travel photograph illustrating composition


Action photography illustrating shutter speeds

Shutter speed

Photo of boats on beach.


Model at beach photo illustrating aperture


Night photography illustrating ISO


There’s more to a good photograph than just pushing a button, but I show you how easy it can be to take a great shot.

Can you make the most of the available light?

Photograph taken using hard light

Hard light

Photograph taken using soft light

Soft light

Photograph taken using reflected light

Reflected light

Landscape photo demonstrating transmitted light

Transmitted light

I show you that there’s no bad time to photograph and how to confidently work with any available light.

Are you confident using your camera?

Portrait Photography


Panoramic Photography


Photograph of group

Group shots

Night Time Photography

Night photography

Photo of 2 kids running in field


Landscape photography


Travel photography


Macro Photograph of butterfly


From macro photography to portraiture, I help you master valuable skills that you can apply to all areas of your photography.

Soon you’ll know aperture, shutter speeds and ISO as well as you know your A,B,C’s.

Have you truly understood the basics?

Megapixels and resolution

Megapixels and resolution

Optics and lenses

Optics and lenses

Recording and storing your photographs

Recording and storage

Do you know your wide angle from your fish eyes? Your film from your digital sensors? I walk you through the basics and equip you with in-depth understanding of all things relating to your camera.

Is your understanding of photography as good as you think it is?

My in-depth introduction to photography will guarantee there’s nothing ‘lucky’ about getting great shots.

You don’t have to have the best gear to take outstanding pictures. By understanding and applying the basics of photography, I show you how it’s possible to achieve professional results with just a basic camera.

Armed with little more than a basic camera and great understanding, you’ll soon be taking absolutely stunning images.

Take your photographs from mundane to magical with just a few simple techniques.

“This will be the last video you will ever need to watch about understanding light. Just brilliant Karl. This is the first time anybody has really managed to convey the fundamental principles of light to me so well. Thank you thank you SO much. I can hardly wait to see where your other tutorials are going to take my photography!!”

Stephanie La Porte – KTE Member

“This is one of the best course I have ever seen yet simple and clear to understand. Thank you.”

Jean-Claude Davilmar – KTE Member

On this course you will learn...

The fundamentals of photography

Understand light, medium, aperture, time, composition and optics.

Creative composition

Master the rule of thirds to create aesthetically pleasing images.

How to balance light

How to effectively combine aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Optics and their impact

Identify the pros and cons of different lenses.

Identify different light sources

Differentiate between hard, soft, reflected and transmitted light.

Planning your images

Understand why a little planning goes a long way.

Take eye-catching landscape images

Learn simple yet powerful techniques to transform your landscape shots.

Small tricks, big results

Get creative with everyday household items to make the most of available light.

What comes after

Learn how to transfer, store and process your images.

“I thought I understood light and now that I’ve watch this, I have better understanding of light. Awesome.”

Patrick Williams – KTE Member

“Very very thorough explanation Karl. This lesson filled in many of the gaps of knowledge in my understanding of light. Great lesson!”

Anthony Scott – KTE Member

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Certification and accreditation from Karl Taylor based on your contributed portfolio


Photo: Urs Recher

About Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience and is commissioned by leading global companies for his precise attention to detail and his exquisite control of light.

Karl’s work covers advertising, beauty and fashion photography for commercial clients. Having started his career in photojournalism he is also comfortable, and actively enjoys, shooting across a range of other genres. His ethos is that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal.

Ten years ago Karl also entered the training market and soon became known for his ability to explain complex subjects extremely clearly. His unique way of teaching and clear instruction led him to work for Hasselblad Camera Company, Broncolor Lighting and Adobe as well as appearances on the BBC. His training is also used by universities and education providers around the world.

Karl regularly travels around the globe as an Ambassador and educator for leading players in the industry and his range of courses have become the benchmark for effective, entertaining and inspirational training.

About Our Courses

Quite simply, Karl Taylor Education offers the most comprehensive and effective platform for photography education. In addition to new courses each month, Karl Taylor Education regularly features live guest interview talk shows, practical demonstrations and member question and answer sessions.

Driven by Karl’s years of experience and attention to detail, the company prides itself on providing the highest quality education, while never losing sight of personal service and affordability. All this is neatly presented in one simple and cost-effective price plan guaranteed to help you with all aspects of photography.

“I’ve never seen anything that comes even close to this video. I was enthralled all the way through, everything, even stuff I thought I knew was explained brilliantly. The hour flew by, in fact it’s the first hour long video I’ve watched all the way through without a break. Thank you Karl, you are giving us value for our $19 many times over.”

Mark Harris – KTE Member