'Black & White' Competition Winners

Here are the winners of our 'Black & White' photography competition.

‘Black and white' was a versatile theme that we felt would give our members plenty of opportunity to express their own style and creativity, and we weren't disappointed!

We once again received some fantastic submissions — everything from landscapes to portraits, architecture to animals. The winning images can be seen below, as well as a selection of ‘highly commended' images too.

The winner of the Karl Taylor Professional Filter Kit is...

1st Prize

Portrait image by Andrew Parker
Photography competition prize

1st Place - Andrew Parker

This evocative image by Andrew Parker is our first place prize winner. The depth of field is perfectly balanced with the rich range of tones and excellent overall exposure on this portrait of a young dancer / gymnast. The hard lighting gives the image more sparkle and rich interesting shadows with a beautiful catchlight in the eyes. The background, although dark, is just light enough to separate the subject's hair from the surrounding area. There is a wonderful depth of mood and connection in the image, with the subject's eyes further capturing the viewers attention. A superb black and white portrait!

2nd Prize

Portrait image by Denis Lomme
Nicolas Logerot Prize image

2nd Place - Denis Lomme

Second place goes to Denis Lomme, with his striking studio image of a young lady, reminiscent of a Hollywood starlet or the Studio Harcourt-style portraits. As with the winner, this image utilises hard light but with a wonderful sense of falloff from the cheek bones to jaw line. The beauty triangle is highlighted perfectly with rich tones, high contrast and biting sharpness. A classically styled and executed studio image that also displays good post production skills. Denis wins a Lee Filters Super Stopper.

3rd Prize

Black and white photo by Michael Nadler
Dilesh Solanki Prize image

3rd Place - Michael Nadler

Third place goes to Michael Nadler, with an elaborately created narrative through the use of custom, subject and props. Often this type of photography can lead to disaster if any of the ingredients are not convincing, but here this shot looks like it’s straight out of a movie set. It is also further enhanced by the steely determination in the subject's eyes. Michael wins a Color Effects & Technical Lighting Pack.

Highly Commended

There were many great entries in this competition so we thought it worth giving a mention to those we’ve classed as ‘Highly Commended’.

Black and white photo by Filip-Roland Vilt

This image, by Filip-Roland Vilt, of a long windswept tree, creates a great sense of mystery and dynamic, with the diagonal lines of land and light.

Black and white photo by Greg Jakiewicz

Greg Jakiewicz’s image of the lone pigeon framed in the arch employs great symmetry, composition, timing and use of turbidity to achieve a sense of 3-dimensional space. The addition of the dog walker in the distance adds another level of interest to this excellent image.

Black and white photo by Janos Borbely

This striking horse portrait by Janos Borbely has beautiful light and rich tones, but it would be stronger without the beam of wood at the top of the image. This unfortunately tends to draw the viewer's eye away from the main subject, which otherwise had been captured so well.

Black and white photo by Keith Higgott

Keith Higgott’s excellent use of rim lighting sculpts this body builder's muscular physique using light and shadow. The abstract simplicity of the bright tones contrasting strongly from a predominantly black background and surrounding area make for a striking black and white image.

Black and white photo by Pedro d’Oliveira

Pedro d’Oliveira’s sweeping landscape leaves you with a sense of wonder and curiosity. The rolling sands and deep pitch of the bay invoke a sense of awe and trepidation. The backlighting catching the rolling sand peaks and isolation of the lone fisherman all add to the sense of spectacle in the image. Superb technique has been applied with a stable camera and a slower shutter speed to record motion in the waves, which further enhances the great tonal range in the shot. This image would have likely been a top finalist if there was a little more space for the fisherman to breathe in the shot and had his rod not been vertical to the edge of the frame.

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