Still Life Food Photography: Cup of Tea

In this food photography class Karl continues to work with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova as, together, they demonstrate essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques for eye-catching food photography.

Simplicity and elegance are the key ingredients in this next shot, as Karl and Anna photograph a cup of tea. This photography class shows the gradual build up of both the styling and lighting leading up to the final shot. Karl uses just a two light setup and makes use of some surprisingly simple tools to add an enchanting aspect to Anna’s elegantly styled creation.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Product Photography: Food Photography
  • How to photograph liquids
  • Selecting different props to achieve the right aesthetic
  • Different light modifiers and their effects
  • Reducing highlights and controlling reflections on shiny surfaces

Don’t miss Anna’s live show — watch it here.


  1. Love this. Very happy I subscriped. Ia m not sure though how i would do this with two softboxes with one speedlight in each. Should I diffuse further with extra difussion fabric?

    1. Hi, Ireana thank you for joining us as you progress through more of our classes you will see there are many ways to light and shoot. Diffusion as I used here comes up very often, especially in product photography – I suggest you take a look at these sections to understand further – and this one –

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