1. An Introduction To Product Photography

Eye-catching and inspiring product photography is all around us — on billboards, in shop display windows, magazines, websites… The list goes on.

Getting started in product photography can be an exciting, and highly rewarding, step in your photography journey, but there are a few key things you need to know if you want to create those high-quality product photos you see everyday.

In this introductory chapter of our ‘Getting started in product photography’ course Karl shares some of the knowledge and tips he’s learnt over the past 20 years as he provides an overview of everything you need to get started in product photography, including essential lighting knowledge and recommended equipment.

Throughout this class you’ll learn why knowledge, rather than equipment, is the most powerful tool a photographer can have and how you can use creative knowledge-based solutions to craft incredible results, no matter what your budget is.

NOTE: This class is scheduled for release 25th June 2021.


  1. After a disheartening show yesterday I am so happy this extra course is being added. I have a lot more to learn and need to work hard to move up from ‘folder 3’ But it is work I am more than willing to put in. My photography has come on so much since signing up to the KTE platform, and the high quality of teaching is beyond value. Waiting patiently with a brew at the ready.

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