Apple Watches CGI (Part 1)

In this Blender 3D product CGI class, Ethan Davis begins work on a CG ad-style image of two Apple watches. He startes by modelling the Apple watch straps, before moving onto the display blocks and the watches themselves.

As he walks you step-by-step through the process, Ethan demonstrates a wide range of the tools and techniques he first introduced in our Blender 3D Basics course.

You’ll learn how to begin modelling with primitive shapes, how to work with edges and faces, how to use tools like Extrude, and so on. You’ll also pick up tips for using modifiers in Blender, adding textures, and more.

By following Ethan’s simple instructions, you’ll quickly develop the skills you need to produce some great results in Blender.

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  1. Oh no…right when Eathan wanted to explain how to do the wobble on the edges of the boxes, he gets stopped. I was looking for this for ages.

    1. EthanDavis

      Hi David, there’s many ways to wobble edges in Blender. You can do it manually by having a few subdivisions and using proportional editing, or there’s a modifier called Displace, set the image to a noise texture, and adjust the scale and strength accordingly. I highly recommend the Displace method which you can see me use in the lipstick tutorial. Thanks!

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