Apple Watches CGI (Part 2)

In this Blender product CGI class, Ethan Davis continues to work on his CG Apple watch image.

Having selected which straps to use, Ethan positions and tweaks them to make them as photorealistic as possible. Then it’s time to work on the watches themselves.

As you follow Ethan through his creative process, you’ll see him demonstrate how to apply subdivisions, make changes to particle systems, add texture using number and UV maps, and more.

With the watches modelled and positioned, Ethan moves on to lighting the image, offering you a set-by-step masterclass in CG lighting techniques. With the lighting perfected, all that remains is to check and render the final image.

Ethan then sits down with Karl so that the pair can compare Ethan’s CG render with Karl’s photographic version.

Ethan’s simple instructions will quickly boost your Blender skills and help you to achieve your own stunning CG renders.

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