Apple Watches Photoshoot

Watch Karl go head-to-head with CGI artist Ethan Davis as he works to create an Apple Watch image that’s every bit as slick as Ethan’s CG render.

As Karl takes you step-by-step through his creative process, you’ll see him experiment with different lighting setups to achieve the perfect gradients and shadows. This includes using a range of different studio lights in conjunction with various modifiers and reflectors.

To deal with issues related to perspective and focal length, he tries different lenses and opts to take a focus-stacking approach, capturing a number of shots to composite in post-production. This is intended to ensure perfect sharpness across the entirety of the whole image.

This product photography masterclass is full of useful techniques and tips to help you produce super-polished ad-style photographs.

To watch Karl edit and retouch the shot, plus complete the focus-stacking process, be sure to check out Apples Watches Post-Production.

To watch Ethan create a CGI equivalent of Karl’s Apple Watches shot, check out the Blender 3D: Product CGI section.

To watch Karl and Ethan battle it out with this and other products, see the Photography vs Blender Shootouts section.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for product photography
  • Shooting with matt acrylic props
  • How to use a scrim
  • Lens selection for focal length
  • Focus stacking in product photography

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