In the sixth in our series of Blender 3D Basics classes, Ethan Davis shows you how to light objects in Blender.
From background to key lighting, from spot lights to strip boxes and even scrims turned into light sources in their own right, this class shows you everything you need to know. You’ll even learn how to create gradients.
Throughout, Ethan prioritises optimisation, highlighting techniques to help you minimise the processing strain on your computer.
You may also find it useful to refer to the Emission entry in our 3D CGI Terminology A-Z.


  1. Thomas Habermann

    Ethan, well done. This is where photography knowledge makes a real difference compared to someone who never picked up a camera before diving into CGI.

    One question, can you suggest a lighting plugin such as HDR Light Studio, and how taxing is it compared to your experience when working with “handmade” scrims.

    Thanks again.

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