Cameras and Lenses for Product Photography

One of the most common questions asked by those just starting out in product photography is what camera and what lens is best for product photography.

To help answer this question, Karl explains some of the camera choices for product photography before taking a closer look at some of the best lenses for product photography. He also details what lenses he uses when shooting products and why these are his lenses of choice.


  1. jasonh

    Great course! Thank you. I do have a question about lenses. I do bottle photography and lifestyle photography for bottles. I have a Canon Rebel 17. What type of lense would you recommend for product/lifestyle bottle photography?

    Thank you in advance.

      1. jasonh

        Thank you for responding Karl. I looked in my manual and on my camera and I cannot locate the size of my censor for my Canon Rebel. How would I find this information? Thank you.

        1. Hi, there must be a specifications for it somewhere online or in the manual? It should say sensor size in mm? My guess is that it is an APS size crop sensor and if it is then you will likely need a 50mm focal length lens and a Macro version would be very good for product photography.

          1. jasonh

            Ahhh yes. Thank you. I was trying to do some research and I thought a 50mm lens would be best. I seriously appreciate it. I am loving your courses!

  2. Dear Karl, Please could I ask your opinion. I will be shooting jewellery images with gemstones I have been using a Fujifilm x30. This was great for a while when I was starting out but I want invest in a new camera with a better macro lenses, I’m looking for the following credentials.

    Full shame sensor
    100mm macro lens
    Tethering cab abilities
    Focus stacking

    I just don’t know which system to invest in, Canon, Nikon or Sony? Also please note I’m still learning all of the terminology but basically I want to do exactly what you show in your jewellery videos.

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Tiffany, If it was me starting again with 35mm full frame I would go with Sony and the 90mm Macro G lens which is very sharp. You can tether all of this into Capture One software with focus stacking.

      1. Dear Karl,

        Thank you so much, this is really helpful. I was wavering as it doesn’t have automatic focus stacking and didn’t know if that was a game changer.

        My plan was to buy the following:

        Sony Alpha 7iii Full Frame
        Sony 90mm Macro G

        I also want to thank you for these classes, they really are so insightful and clear to understand.



          1. Brilliant that’s great thank you. I have one more question. The cones are perfect for what I need.

            How do you feel about second hand cameras and lenses?

            Thank you so much


          2. Hi Tiffany, I’ve purchased plenty of second hand kit in the past. You just need to have a good look at it and check it if you can. Second hand from camera retailers is usually OK as they put a 3month guarantee on it. With lenses it’s the obvious things, do they look damaged, do the lenses look clean inside, does the focus turn smoothly, zoom etc, and do the aperture blades close correctly.

  3. Hi
    the 120 macro is 95 mm for 24×36 i think is ok
    And i find full autocus connect with hasselblad
    Fotodiox Pro 48mm Automatic Macro Extension Tube Compatible with Hasselblad XCD-Mount Cameras Such as X1D 50c and X1D II 50c
    Fotodiox Pro 20mm Automatic Macro Extension Tube Compatible with Hasselblad XCD-Mount Cameras Such as X1D 50c and X1D II 50c
    Good day regards

  4. Hi
    I have hasselblad 907X & CFV II 50C, I did not find a macro ring for this camera, would the 120 macro 3.5 lens be suitable for this type of activity because the sensor is smaller than the h series; if not which one?

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