Clinique Post-Production 5: Black Logos

The next part of this post production focuses on a crucial part of the shoot — introducing the black Clinique logos.

A key part of the Clinique advertising style is the black logos (watch how these were shot here), which is what Karl works on here. You’ll see each step as he selects the logos from one shot and copies and blends them with the main product shot.

Class objectives:

  • Demonstrate using curves adjustments to correct tone and colour 
  • Show how to select and recolour parts of an image
  • Show how to transfer black logos from one shot to main image
  • Show how to use different selection tools

Clinique logos example

The silver Clinique logos shot as they are.

Clinique logos example

The Clinique image with the black logos comped in.

To see how this image was shot, watch the Clinique Style Advertising Shoot classes.

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  1. Karl
    Thank you for this series of videos, I have always struggled with water splashes, trying warp and puppet warp. I really like your simple layer and mask method. Keeping it simple.


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