Sports Product Shoot With Paint Splash

Believe it or not, you can produce artistic images like this too! It was a challenging and very messy shoot, but the result was well worth all the effort that we put in.

For this shoot, Karl had the idea to photograph a basketball with contrasting paint splashes hitting it from each side. But images like this aren’t easy. To get the final image, we had to figure out how to make the basketball float, how to get paint splashes from each side, and how to perfectly freeze the motion.

You’ll see the tricks and techniques used to capture professional and artistic results like this as Karl shows you each step of this (messy) shoot. He explains how he gets the ball in position, how he lines up the paint splash, what lighting he uses, and how to freeze the paint splashes.

Class objectives:

  • Creative product photography ideas
  • How to freeze motion
  • Using speedlights for fast flash duration
  • Problem-solving for creative results
  • Using juxtaposing colours for creative effect

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NOTE: This class is available with English subtitles and automatic translations.


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