Couples and Engagement Photography

Couples and engagement shoots is a lucrative market for photographers so it’s always useful to have a few great photos to include in your portfolio.

Photographing on the idyllic island of Herm in the Channel Islands, Karl shows you a number of useful techniques for couples photography, explains his camera settings and demonstrates how best to pose couples. He also highlights one of the most important elements in a successful shoot, which many others forget to consider or completely miss.

From simple portraits to ones more creative and technical, this portrait photography class provides both information and inspiration and will hopefully encourage you to get out and try your own shoots.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait Photography: How to photograph using natural light
  • Portrait photography tips
  • How to photograph couples
  • How to pose couples
  • How to photograph using Servo mode
  • Creative composition for portrait photography
  • The best time of day to photograph
  • General camera settings for outdoor couple photography

Note: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. Realmente impresionante el trabajo de dirección y la búsqueda de lugares que trasmitan esa foto que tenias en mente como dicen no es hacer la foto es crearla para tomar lo que imaginas

  2. Karl,
    Bad idea to use a “fake” couple here as a big part this type of work is actually getting the love and emotions between the couple to come thru. Seeing how you would work with an actual customer would be more helpful.

    1. Hi Milton, I’ll keep that in mind although I would add that this also demonstrates how to work with models for effective and saleable couples stock photography. These two guys are friends, her actual partner wasn’t available for the shoot!

  3. Hi Karl,

    I have a question when shooting more than one subject for example a couple or a family I seem to be perfecting the focus on one person however the rest can come of blurry and soft. do you have any tips for getting all the subject in focus?

    P.S Great video.

    1. Hi Samuel, you have to ensure that you are working with an aperture/depth of field that is sufficient to cover both people. Often a combination of lens choice and distance from couple also has a big part to play in this. If you are struggling you can also try focusing between them (in terms of depth into the shot) and then the depth of field may reach either direction, remember that depth of field runs towards the camera and away from the cameras focus point too.

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