Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot | Post-Production

In this post-production class, you’ll follow Karl through his editing and retouching workflow as he works on his Dior Fahrenheit image in Photoshop.

He shows you how to use layer masks in conjunction with the Brush Tool to combine different elements of multiple shots into a single image.

You’ll also seem him use the Pen Tool to make precision selections, and meticulously remove imperfections like dust from the image. Karl also does some brief burning and dodging to refine the highlights.

In this class:

  • Post-production techniques for product photography
  • Photoshop tools and tips
  • How to use layer masks in Photoshop
  • Burning and dodging in Photoshop

To see how Karl captured the original shot, check out Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot.

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© Karl Taylor

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