Flash lighting vs continuous LED lighting

Many photographers new to studio lighting are often tempted to go for continuous LED lighting due to the fact that they are able to see the lighting results through the viewfinder first hand. However, flash lighting offers a similar alternative in the form of the modeling lamp. Although the power and colour temperature is not as accurate when compared to continuous lighting, the modeling lamp does still enable the photographer to see the result of the light first-hand too.

When considering flash lighting versus continuous lighting, there are many other benefits to shooting with flash. The biggest benefit to flash lighting over LED lighting is that flash provides much more power and in a shorter burst that is less disrupting to a model. In this class, when using flash, Karl demonstrates how he can shoot with much higher apertures and therefore gain a deeper depth of field without having to increase the ISO or shutter speed (which is particularly helpful when photographing moving objects and people).

Despite these advantages, LED lighting has nevertheless become an increasingly popular lighting choice for a number of reasons, including the ability to see the results first-hand and the ability to provide a continuous daylight balanced light source (which is useful for video work). Throughout this class, Karl outlines these benefits of flash versus continuous lighting in more detail, offering demonstrations and comparisons between the two types of lighting.


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