Hasselblad H6 vs H5 vs Sony A7Rii Camera Test

I’m in the market to upgrade my Hasselblad H5 to an H6 so I wanted to see if it was worth the investment.

Rather than rely on manufacturer documentation (or Google) I decide to put these cameras through a very rigorous camera test to see how they compared.

To spice things up, even more, I got my hands on a Sony A7R ii and threw that into the mix too! See how it performed against the more expensive Hasselblad in this technical camera comparison. The results were very interesting!

Enjoy the video,



  1. i’m using canon 5ds for product photography, today i thought i would like to upgrade to a medium priced medium camera. What do you think about the Pentax 645D? Is it still suitable for product photography at the moment?

  2. Hi Karl, concerning the color accuracy of the Sony camera.
    I have a Sony A7iii and the color accuracy is worse than my Iphone 7. Which has been frustrating me when I am taking pictures of many different fingernail colors.
    I think I am doing something wrong, Is there something you recommend to adjust so the camera can capture true color as one would see in real life.

    without spending over a few thousand $
    Can you share what you would do in a studio situation and a outside situation please. Thanks

  3. This blew my mind wow! I wonder – going by the data sheets it seems the X1D II and H6D-50 have the same sensor is that right? If so would the same image apply with the X1D? What am I missing other than being optical vs mirrorless and not able to change the back for 3x the price? While the H6 is certainly out of budget right now I’m wondering if there are compelling reasons to save up for the H6? Unfortunately neither are available to rent where I live to test out myself 🙁

    1. Hi Cameron, the H6-50c and X1D ii share exactly the same Sony sensor. In fact the XC series lenses for the X1Dii are probably slightly better than the H lenses as they are a newer optical design. The H6100 the sensor is obviously more megapixels but it is also physically larger and has a slightly greater dynamic range. I think the quality of image from the X1dii is excellent.

  4. Hi Karl this is was quite helpful. I’m with Duncan on the request for a comparison of the X1D II and the Sony A7R4.

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