Creating Artificial Shadows In Photoshop

In this live workshop Karl demonstrates how to create realistic-looking artificial shadows in Photoshop.

Following on from a previous live show where he demonstrated how to create shadowless lighting for product photography on a white background, Karl explains important considerations for creating artificial shadows.

Karl guides you through the process of creating a shadow for a product, showing how to quickly and easily make selections, how to create halos/glows around a product, and how to use multiple layers to get the most realistic results.

To end the show, Karl also shows a second, quicker technique for creating artificial shadows which may be good for those who aren't as familiar with Photoshop. Additionally, Karl also shares tips for creating shadows for different coloured objects and transparent objects throughout the show.

Topics covered in this show include:
  • Creating shadows in Photoshop
  • Understanding shadows
  • How to create selections & cutouts
  • Working with layers and masks
  • Creating shadows for different coloured objects
  • How to change the background colour
  • Tips for creating shadows for transparent objects

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