Introduction and commercial workflow

Turning your passion into a career is something many photographers dream of, but it requires more than just good photography skills.

In this series of classes Karl, who has run his own successful photography business for over 20 years, aims to share his knowledge and demonstrate how you too can run a successful photography business. In the following classes he covers topics such as how to make money with your photography, working with clients and to a brief, set building and props, how to grow your studio and business, pricing your photography, marketing strategies as well as other useful skills for photographers.

In this introductory class Karl looks at what commercial photography is and unpacks the commercial project flow from client to completion. This class will help give you an understanding of the process of a commercial shoot and why it’s important to understand the different stages.

Class objectives:

  • Provide an overview of how to run a successful photography business
  • Explain what commercial photography is
  • Outline types of commercial photography
  • Explain the 10 steps of the commercial project flow
The business of photography course

Learn how to run your own successful photography business.

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.

NOTE: This class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Hi Karl,
    today I was refreshing myself with this amazing and inspirational video.

    In the effort to build a sustainable photography business I am always in need about advices on how to pitch to clients. I am more focusing on food and product photography so currently I am pitching to blogger, restaurants, food brands, marketing agencies etc.

    Do you have any advice about how to deal with follow ups if no answer is received, except for appreciation of your portfolio? Any particular strategy to follow?


    1. Hi Telang, unfortunately it requires tenacity and thick skin and not be worried about being told no. You have to call several times, write, send postcards etc etc to get their attention with your work and then you have to keep calling until you get a reply. It may be they don’t need any photography work? So you do need to be sure they are using photography or someone else and then you can justify calling them. Sometimes the offer of a first free shoot will get their attention.

  2. I’ve been trying to find a commercial photographer in my area to learn from. There are only a few here and they are hesitant to mentor. I’m so happy Karl Taylor education exists. I’ve just started, and I’m already learning things about the photography business!

  3. Hello, I start just today and I’m very excited to be a member of this community,.English in not my mother language but Karl explain incredible well and the introduction was very easy to follow and understand, I am very impressed by the quality of the videos and the design of the page.Hope I can share soon my first portfolio and have some feedback, I always do portrait photography but I think I will also start to have a look at the commercial photography from now on.The introduction and commercial work flow lesson was very informative and great to have an overview of what things do I need to do to start my busyness.I
    Thanks a lot Karl you are not only a good photographer but also a great communicator.

    1. Thanks Domingo for joining us. You’ll be glad to hear that we have a number of different language subtitles being added soon.

  4. Hi Karl, hello everyone, I’m pumped to join with you in that knowledge journey. I’ve watched Introduction as the very first video class and Photography Business Workflow as the sequence Karl Taylor Education. I’m a Brazilian photographer that starts 3 years ago and finally now have such pleasure to be here with you monsters of the photography universe, thank you very much for the opportunity, I’m so happy! Some of my work is in, please let me hear from you in favor of my new career since my last professional experience with tech and businesses. Thank you Karl, thank you Karl team, thank you everyone! Herminio Mello.

    1. Thank you Herminio for joining us and we are sure you will enjoy all of our content and live shows. You might also be interested in our Facebook Group to discuss things with other members. All the best Karl.

  5. Thanks Karl;

    I do both, but most of my Freelance I do ( I do have a full time job ) to pay the bills. I been planning to go solo for some time, but to tell you the true I am little to much scare.

    I am not exactly spring chicken any more. even when I am confident I am a good retouches . Will love to know how off I am on my pricing.



  6. Question:

    I do some photography, but I have seen that my niche is Editing.. is that Photography business or different? can I follow the program ( how to prize )

    1. Hi Juan do you mean video editing or do you mean photoshop post production? We have lots of courses on Post Production and I’m happy to share what top retouchers charge.

  7. I will always remember photographer Jay Maisel telling me , there’s a reason they call them “Starving Artists”.
    I know I have the business skills (Entrepreneur, former business owner, MBA) and some photography skills, however, I need to focus on where.

  8. Its simply brilliant ! Thank you so much Karl for making it all possible. I am so glad that you are sharing the business workflow. I have been struggling for a very long time, regarding a good workflow and especially business plan in photography . Thank you

  9. Hi Karl. First of all, I’m enjoying everything on Karl Taylor education here. I think it’s a perfect education programs for me as a starting commercial / advertising photographer. I recently worked with some small cosmetic brands for their product advertising shots and portrait for model profile and I added copyright / creator information on metadata for images and I send them the images that contain metadata. Am I doing wrong? because since it’s them using the photos it means the copyright owner is the clients?

    1. Hi Jeongun, no you were not wrong. If the client is going to own the copyright then it’s still a good idea for you to claim the copyright until they have paid you. That way you give yourself some protection against bad payers.

  10. Karl, love what you’re doing. The business section is the main reason I subscribed to your education site and I can’t wait to devour the rest of the content.

    1. Thanks Richard, I hope you enjoy your stay. Plenty of stuff to check out also take a look at some of our previous and future live shows. Cheers Karl.

  11. Excellent Karl, invaluable information that I have needed SO much, very difficult to find this kind of information out there. Can’t wait to view all your business videos over the next few days. Thank you, thank you!!

  12. (Feedback Part 1 video ) Really easy follow explanation, thank you. I made a copy of the workflow as I watched in a Word document. I think it would be a nice idea if there was downloadable PDF file of the workflow to along with this video.

    1. Hi Ana, On the ‘business’ page and in the ‘downloads’ section you will find a word document with that information which also expands on it a little allowing you to take notes from your clients.

  13. Karl, Your Simplicity in teaching makes you Grand Master. Salute the way you teaches and make understand the whole concept…..simply superb

  14. I am a big fan of Karl Taylor as I was inspired to do my Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging based on his Masterclass series of DVD which have been a valuable asset towards my development as a photographer. I would like to see an option to be able to view the lesson offline as well, if that is possible at all.

    My Diploma course uses for our addition resource of learning however, I think Karl Taylors Business program is more beneficial to what I am doing. Maybe an app can be developed to allow offline view of these courses. Just a view, as I find spending alot of time online takes me away from the practical side of photography and slow down my development as a photographer.

  15. I think a good feedback is if we have the option to cast these videos on chrome cast.


    1. Try to cast from a desktop or laptop using Chrome Browser, then click the Cast option inside the little dots menu on top right.

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