Dramatic Lighting for Sunglasses Photoshoot

In this product photography class Karl clearly demonstrates the advantages of using a scrim as he photographs a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses can be challenging subjects to photograph due to their curved lenses and gloss frames, but using scrims can help achieve the beautiful gradient lighting that really gives an image that professional quality.

As Karl creates his shot, you’ll see how he positions and angles the product and how he lights it using studio flash. As he explains his choice of modifiers, you’ll also learn why softboxes are not the best option for this type of photography and how you can use the simple trick of using mirrors to create additional light.

Class objectives:

  • How to photograph sunglasses
  • Using scrims to create gradient lighting
  • Lighting reflective gloss surfaces
  • How to correctly expose an image
  • Creating a background glow for product photography

This class also has an accompanying retouching tutorial, where you’ll see the post-production process for this image.

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NOTE: This class is available with English subtitles and automatic translations.


  1. Hi Karl,

    just a question regrading your scrim. There are also this ready to buy foldable reflektors with a built in Diffusor available. Since they are also available in quite big sizes like 200 x 150cm, my question is, if they are suitable as well for product photography. Or do you think that the synthetic and semi transparent diffusion fabric will give a worse result than your material?

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