Retouching with Viktor Fejes

Professional retoucher Viktor Fejes is given free rein to get as creative as he likes for this live retouching demonstration, working on an image submitted by a member of Karl Taylor Education.

Techniques covered in this live demonstration will be familiar to many already comfortable working with Photoshop and includes an overview of skin retouching, burning and dodging and healing. It also includes a more detailed demonstration of color correction and how to guide the eye using color and contrast. Viewers will see how a professional retoucher works and gain valuable insight into the thought process and steps taken to reach the final image.

As Viktor works through the image he fields questions from members, addressing issues such as how to start learning Photoshop, pricing your work and how to submit images for retouching. He also touches on more technical elements such as the best monitors for retouching, calibrating your monitor and the importance of color theory.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

  • How to retouch like a professional
  • Professional photo editing workflow
  • Guiding the eye using color and contrast
  • The importance of color theory
  • Skin retouching in Photoshop
  • Burning and Dodging and alternative techniques
  • Color grading in Photoshop

If you missed Viktor’s live talk show, you can watch it on replay here.


  1. Hi Karl,
    What is your experience with Apple monitors compared with the one that you use? You mentioned (alongside with Viktor) that it is much glossier etc, but what would you recommend to pay attention to, editing on an apple screen, as currently I can’t afford an Eizo one for instance? I guess it’s not like the images are gonna end up rubbish edited on an apple, but I’m afraid that what looks exactly how I want on mine, it is going to be different on my clients side.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Tamas, you can certainly edit but just be aware that the image you’re looking at is likely going to be a bit brighter and bit more contrasty and colourful than it would on an Eizo or in print. The Apple retina screens on Imacs and Macbooks give you great detail though.

      1. Thank you for the fast and detailed response! For some reason I thought you meant apple products in general, however as I work on a retina MacBook Pro, I’ll worry less about it 🙂 thanks again 👍🏻

  2. What do you think of programs like PortraitPro?

  3. I’m sorry but was there an answer on how Karl made the stream come out of the ears? I heard what was said but I didn’t hear how the steam was actually made. The steps to it.

    1. Hi Gina, I shot the steam from a kettle on a solid black background. Then I took that shot and put it into the man shot and set the blend mode to ‘lighten’ on the layer and then did a bit of contrast and burn and dodge work.

  4. Hi in response to the question about books for colour theory,the one i found was “Colour and Light” by James Gurney,it is essentially for painters but it really explains everything about colour and how colours interact with others and how light effects colours,hope this helps. Regards Rob

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