Interview With Portrait and Fashion Photographer Rachell Smith

*This class was recorded live & now available for replay*

Top celebrity portrait and fashion photographer Rachell Smith joined Karl live for an insightful conversation about her work and the industry.

Rachell shared her experiences from her time assisting Rankin and discussed how this influenced her style and shaped her career. She also revealed the lighting used for some of her shots, her go-to kit and fail-safe lighting setup.

The British photographer also shared her advice for photographing people who aren’t models or not confident in front of the camera, how she always plans for every shoot, how lockdown affected her business, and much, much more.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • Portrait photography tips
  • Lighting setups for portrait photography
  • How to plan for a portrait shoot
  • How to identify and win clients
  • Working with agencies
  • How to use social media for photography

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  1. Hi, teacher, can you add a translation language system to the videos recorded and broadcast live, thank you very much, we need it very much

  2. Terrific interview Karl – well done. Rachell is amazing! So many exceptional images on her website. She comes across as approachable and humble – that may be part of her formula for success. Interesting catch lights in the eyes of her models reveal some carefully laid out lighting techniques. She seems to shoot from a low angle or at eye level. A common theme with Rachell and most other great photographers you interview is the level of commitment and passion she has for her work. Like you and so many other successful professionals it take a lot of work to become accomplished. Inspiring content – thanks so much!

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