Interview With Fine Art Photographer Ben Thomas

Australian photographer Ben Thomas joined Karl in the studio to discuss his hyperrealistic imagery of urban and city spaces, what it means to be a Hasselblad Master and how to push yourself as an artist.

This fascinating conversation covers the development of Ben’s career and style and he and Karl also discuss working in the creative industry, how to market your work and your brand, publishing and exhibiting your work and where Ben finds his inspiration.

Ben, who has travelled worldwide on various projects, also offered advice on travelling, protecting your gear and developing your own style. He also shares his commonly used equipment and explains the concepts and techniques he used to produce his Cityshrinker, Accession and Chroma series as well as how each allowed him to explore our relationships with urban spaces.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Urban photography
  • Post production techniques & processing images
  • Marketing your work and growing your brand
  • Printing, publishing and exhibiting your work
  • Selling to and working with galleries
  • Post production techniques for colour adjustment, controlling shadows and reducing noise
  • Photography equipment for street photography

We also caught up with Ben before the show to find out more about him, his work and techniques, which you can read about here.

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  1. Hi Karl, I wasn’t able to catch the name of the software that Ben uses which the Russian gentleman has developed. Can you please share that?

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