Interview With Product & Liquid Photographer David Lund

*This class was recorded live & now available for replay.*

David is one of Karl’s Taylor Education’s most well-known success stories, having given up a successful career in design and making the switch to photography just a couple of years ago.

After a great live workshop the previous evening, David joined Karl in the studio to talk about his experiences working with companies such as Grants Whisky, Shell Oil, British Steel and Rolls Royce. Open and honest, David also shed some light on some of the tougher aspects of working in the industry, how he achieves his trademark liquid images as well as his humbling experiences working with charities in Africa.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Ethically photographing and representing products
  • The importance of being multi-skilled
  • The value of pre-shooting
  • Problem-solving and creative solutions
  • Building the final image from composites
  • Pricing your work
  • CGI and the future of photography

Make sure to watch the live workshop and read our blog post on David’s career. You may also be interested in our ‘Conversations with David Lund’ live show.


Splash images by David Lund

©David Lund


  1. Hey Karl. First I would like to say “THIS IS THE BEST COURSE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY” no doubts ✌️
    I would like to ask about the name of the brand of the denoise filter David said he use for liquids.
    Thanks a lot

  2. hello, i saw this live show today and i thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot, one thing i wanna ask is, David mentioned some video editing software (which is free to download) but i couldn’t hear it properly, so can i know its name? Thank you so much

  3. Forgot to say thanks to both Karl and David. It was a great show and enjoyed watching more than a few times. I always seem to pick up smaller details.

    By the way I wrote David and he replied back with some great info on getting my tank clear of minor particles. Solving one problem at a time !

    Keep up the great Guest Karl !

  4. Amazing video, these are the kinds of insights that I hope will help me start earning from photography in the future. Cheers Karl and David

  5. Nice double feature of a true “image maker”! I was wondering did David come up with the name of the company where he gets his ice cubes from? I saw them on the table but I guess you simply ran out of time. Can you let us know, please? I hope it’s not The Set Shop as they did let me order the ice cubes outside of the US last time I checked. Thank you Karl and David for this experience!

  6. I have just re watched this, such a great interview. I cant believe I am going to Davids masterclass. I am so excited David is such a nice guy and I cant wait to meet him. I would love to come to one of your courses Karl I just cant afford it. Maybe one day when I have figured out how to make some money from my photography.

  7. Really enjoyed the two shows guys and especially my two days 1 on 1 training with you David! I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their skills to do these workshops and of course follow Karl Taylors stuff.

    Looking forward to the liquid photography workshop later this month David! :o)


  9. I’m learning a lot from Karl. His teachings of lighting are absolutely invaluable to me. That combined with your demonstration and the talk show have given me plenty inspiration for some projects, so I’m very grateful to the both of you ?

  10. Hi Kryn, very kind words thank you. Karl hates me saying this, But without his help especially in the earlier days with his teaching I wouldn’t not have made it to where I am today.
    Its so greta to have a job that you can have so much fun, at times its such hard work, long hours but I wouldn’t swop it for anything.!!

  11. I really loved that! I got to say, David is a charismatic guy. He’s got ethics, he’s gentle, honest, open, friendly, warm. Most of all, he’s got hair and is a foot taller! Hahaha
    Just kidding of course ?. But seriously, the guy is impressive and I’m very humbled by you giving us the opportunity to learn from him, so thank you!

  12. Brilliant, really enjoyed this 🙂 love seeing the passion & creativity involved working with something you love to be working with.

  13. This was a great show – I love to hear and see examples of problems being solved on the fly. Simple tools, idea generation – completed production…. inspirational

  14. Hi Colin

    Glad you enjoyed the show. Very happy to help you with this or any questions to encourage and push you on in your photography. Yes the hassleblad is a fantastic camera, but there are many occasions I would never use it over a canon. Can 5D which I use a lot if a fantastic camera. Its not all about kit, its about creativity and some etc knowledge about lighting and you can create some amazing images. Go for it Colin!

  15. loved both the interview and the live demo! I have a hopefully a quick question can you produce a similar quality of image using a pro SLR like a 5D or do you need a hassleblad as you and David use?

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