Location Scouting

This natural light photography course will help you master a number of different techniques when using just natural light and your camera. This section covers photographing a variety of subjects and will help you understand how to find the right location, know when the ideal time for photography is and identify the best light for photographing.

This natural light photography class focusses on finding and identifying what makes the ideal location. There’s a lot of planning that needs to be done in order for a shoot to be successful and scouting for locations is something that is paramount, especially when it comes to natural light photography.

In this class Karl visits a number of different locations as he does some recces for the shoots that will be shown later in this course. You will be able to see just how quickly the conditions can change and how the same location can appear very different within just a short time frame.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait photography using natural light
  • Identifying possible locations for portrait photography
  • How to plan for outdoor photo shoots
  • The best time of day for outdoor photography
  • Useful apps for photographers
  • Tips for photographing outdoors

Note: This course is available with English subtitles.


  1. FYI: In addition to TPI, there’s an app I often use called ‘PhotoPills’. This does what TPI does as well as let you plan for night shots – including a virtual reality view on your phone that would how you precisely where say, the moon or sun will be in the sky at a certain date in the future -either hours, days, or months ahead. Also has nice reminders etc for blue/golden hours and integrates with my mac calendar for planning shoots.
    Maybe some members would find it of benefit. Especially valuable for astrophotography as it will show via VR where constellations such as the milky way will be on given hours/dates.

    Hope this is of use.


  2. I am planning a Pre-Wedding Shooting next week, this tutorial “Location Scouting” certainly help me plan my shoot much better this time. Thanks for tip and trick in the tutorial.

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