Photo Critique – Animal, Landscape & Portrait Images

*This class was recorded live & now available for replay. It is the first show of a two-show series*

For this, our first mega member’s photo critique, Karl viewed more than 250 of our members’ pictures, giving feedback on each and every one.

During this marathon show, Karl explored the visual and emotive response to an image, explained the importance of a clear narrative and showed the powerful influence of composition, color and light.

Offering his thoughts on each image, Karl also shared possible improvements that could be made to an image and demonstrated a number of useful post production techniques that could be used to enhance a picture.

In this first part of our members’ critique we covered all ANIMAL, LANDSCAPE & PORTRAIT images.  Sorted in alphabetical order according to first names, the below offers a guide for each section:

ANIMALS: 0:10:08 – 0:31:51
0:31:57 – 2:31:18
2:31:39 – 3:41:36

Watch Part 2 of our ‘Mega Members Photo Critique here.

For Karl’s simple tips to take better photos, read our blog post here.


  1. David Morgan’s picture used a technique called Tree Panning. It’s a good bread and butter type picture.

  2. Hi Karl. This is the fantastic, really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on all the pics, just sorry I missed out sending in a picture for a critique. I’ll keep an eye out for next time.

    Only thing for me was I was having problems streaming the video from your website, the picture kept freezing and had to click and move it on and am sure I missed a lot in doing so. I’d might see if there is a way to download the whole thing to watch again without streaming.

    Again, great job Karl, well worth the £12.00 this month!!!!!!

  3. Dear Karl,

    I would just like to add my thanks to you and your team for the marathon critique the other day.

    You asked for comments, so I would like to add my thoughts.

    Your appraisals have been illuminating to say the least, and the fact that the critique is available on ‘catch up’ means it is a resource that can be tapped into anytime. I have been running through the critique a second time and have picked up on a number of tips and hints. Whoever knew about Hogarth curves?

    No doubt many of us are absorbing your comments and kicking ourselves for missing some obvious points that you have immediately spotted, with thoughts of “How the hell did I miss that – its so obvious now you have it pointed out”.

    At least that was my reaction and just what was needed.

    Being able to see a demonstration of possible changes that could be made to an images, in real time, made the exercise even more useful than just a few comments.

    I have heard it said that if you put an image in front of 100 judges then you will get 110 opinions, and with that in mind, there were a few images that I thought were extremely good, but which didn’t seem to meet with your ideas of a good narrative. I hope that those authors understand that critiques can be extremely subjective in matters of interpretation and that they should not be discouraged. I can’t fault your technical expertise though!

    One of the things I thought was missing from each critique was the title or description of each image, as I felt that would have added to the narrative a great deal in some cases.

    It is not often one gets the chance to have a photo critiqued by a well respected professional, so many thanks for your valuable comments. A very worth while, if exhausting, exercise for you and your team.

    It was much appreciated.


  4. Hi Karl,

    This was an awesome session. It really helps to see you point of view when you look over these images. I’ve learned a lot from this critique. Hopefully I’ll remember this stuff when I’m out shooting.


  5. Hi Karl, Thanks for the comments on my image. The title of the shot is ‘Apocalypse Now’ which is of course a homage to the film. It is part of a series showing bunker mentality in modern life. So….the title is missing and it makes more sense when you see the others 🙂

  6. Wow Karl, thank you for the kind words and giving us this opportunity to have you critique our work. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the educational content you have made available to the masses. I’ve learned a lot from this site.

  7. Hi Karl and KTE-Team,

    thank you for all the work you have done. I really enjoyed watching you improving the images.

  8. Thanks for the feedback Karl and the team. I was a bit nervous but after hearing what you said about my picture I’m really happy. And Yes the blue colour is the company colour.

  9. Hi Guys, I just want to say a big thank you for sending in your work and also for your kind comments here. We’ll aim to do more of these critique shows in the future. Part 2 is also now ready to watch. All the best Karl.

  10. Awesome show yesterday!!! I was very pleased to hear what you had to say about my image. The editing was done after seeing your lightroom tutorials!! Thank you!!!

  11. Thanks so much for the feedback, I was a bit nervous about what I was going to hear but now feel so much better , thanks heaps again!!

  12. So excited to participate and have my photo critiqued by Karl, a great idol of mine. Keep up with the amazing job, learned a lot from all other photos.

  13. Hi Karl

    Thanks for a super show and great feedback on all the images. Love your raw honesty and spot on comments about the good points and the weaker points in our work. They are just what we need to improve our skills.

    Certainly learned a lot from you. Keep up the great work



  14. Hi Karl, thanks for your kind and helpful critique. I learned a lot yesterday particularly as Dave (above) said with the repetition of problems so one could see them as the pictures were presented. I remember a helpful piece on a photographer friend’s office wall: ” Remember, it’s what you do before you do what you need to do that will affect your success …… just before you press the shutter!”

  15. Hi Karl and team,

    I think the format works well, although a bit of a marathon for you!

    As a learner, what I found good was that repeated themes came to the fore – particularly about the brightest part of an image, separation of the subject, the narrative etc. Hearing and seeing it pointed out repeatedly helped it sink in properly. If ever I get those things wrong in the future then I need shooting, literally.

    It was also inspiring to see so many good images, and the way you were able to make subtle improvements.

    You don’t see the comments sent in with the images, so for the future I’ll make sure that the image speaks for itself. Learning point No.58d ……..



  16. Thanks so much for the critique Karl! I knew you were gonna say it had to much sepia tone hahaa. I get crazy with the saturation sometimes. Thanks for the honesty and yes the shot was 100% real. No photoshop. Glad you were able to determine that just by looking at it. It was an amazing morning I will never forget standing at the foot of the river with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Cheers!

  17. Thank you for your comments I have learnt a lot not just for my own image but with all the others as well.

  18. Karl, wasn’t able to view the review live, but I’m honored that you like the image. Thanks so much for the feedback on the dress and how to enhance the overall image. Learning a lot from your education tracks and passion for excellence. Best, Kerry

  19. Thanks for reviewing my picture Karl…this is a nice thing you dedicating your precious time for the new comers. looking forward for more and more sessions like this….Great show KT….

  20. Steve Craig I did reduce the high light on the nose of my image. The cap on the subject pulled back unequally which made one eye
    open more than the other. Thanks for the critique, the lighting setup is from Karl’s portrait lighting tutorial. I had just got my lights set and my son had just stopped by and I just sat him down and made 3 to 4 images and then he had to go.

  21. Hey Karl, thanks for the tremendous you and the team are putting into this mega review. I’m well impressed!

    Also thank you for the review of my underwater image. Actually it hit me like an epiphany! I realised that indeed it didn’t clearly show what the subject really was, and that this is a large part of what the photo should convey. I’ll make sure to pay more attention to that next time I’m photographing wrecks!

    1. Hi Andy, The critique was for one image per member (to ensure that we could be fair and critique one of every members images). You had submitted 3 images of which we chose our favorite which was the product shot to be critiqued, this will be critiqued today at 2pm BST. We did the same for all members that submitted more than one image.

      1. thank you Emma for the response, i though it was just one round but i noticed a 2nd part for next day, i just got the critique and i am very pleased, again, thank you so much…..Chao….

  22. Thank you Karl for feedback on my image, much appreciated also learnt a lot from the other image reviews.

  23. Thank you for the great feedback about my image Karl and thank you for taking the time to review all these great images.

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