Photo Critique: Animals, Landscapes and Portraits

*This class was recorded live & now available for replay. It is the first show of a two-show series*

For this, our first mega member’s photo critique, Karl viewed more than 250 of our members’ pictures, giving feedback on each and every one.

During this marathon show, Karl explored the visual and emotive response to an image, explained the importance of a clear narrative and showed the powerful influence of composition, color and light.

Offering his thoughts on each image, Karl also shared possible improvements that could be made to an image and demonstrated a number of useful post production techniques that could be used to enhance a picture.

In this first part of our members’ critique we covered all ANIMAL, LANDSCAPE & PORTRAIT images.  Sorted in alphabetical order according to first names, the below offers a guide for each section:

ANIMALS: 0:10:08 – 0:31:51
0:31:57 – 2:31:18
2:31:39 – 3:41:36

Watch Part 2 of our ‘Mega Members Photo Critique here.

For Karl’s simple tips to take better photos, read our blog post here.


  1. David Morgan’s picture used a technique called Tree Panning. It’s a good bread and butter type picture.

  2. Hi Karl. This is the fantastic, really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on all the pics, just sorry I missed out sending in a picture for a critique. I’ll keep an eye out for next time.

    Only thing for me was I was having problems streaming the video from your website, the picture kept freezing and had to click and move it on and am sure I missed a lot in doing so. I’d might see if there is a way to download the whole thing to watch again without streaming.

    Again, great job Karl, well worth the £12.00 this month!!!!!!

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