Packshot Product Photography

When you’re shooting packshots, speed and efficiency are key. That’s why it’s essential to have a lighting setup that’s both suitable and simple.

In this live photography demonstration, available to watch as a replay, Karl shows you exactly how to set up and capture successful packshots.

Working through multiple products, he demonstrates just how important perfecting your lighting setup is. Starting with a simple two-light setup, he shows you how to achieve a professional result quickly, even when working in a small studio and using basic modifiers.

In this product photography workshop, you’ll learn how to achieve a clean white background, photograph reflective surfaces, control unwanted reflections and shadows on your products, and much more. 

In this class:

  • Product photography: Packshots
  • How to photograph packshots
  • Studio lighting setups for packshots
  • How to achieve a pure white background
  • Small studio photography
  • How to control shadows
  • Controlling reflections on shiny objects

For more on how to photograph packshots, watch our white background product photography class.

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  1. I have a commercial shoot with the food packaging company. The specs for the photography request a 15 degree elevation from the top of the packaging.
    How can I ensure I have the correct angle?

    1. Hi, I would put a spirit level from the top of the product and then a protractor off of that to calculate that angle and use a piece of string if you need to be absolutely sure. Or go the other way and use a protractor from the camera being completely level and tilt down 15 degrees.

      1. It went very well. Thanks for your brilliant Education videos,

        It turned into some 1,800 products. Two twelve hour days. The advice you give is spot on. Each challenge I was presented at the session was easily answered within your videos.

        Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and tips here on your site. Now I can afford a lifetime membership here!

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