Working to a Brief — Brief Assignment 5

In this live show, Karl announces the details for our fifth ‘Working to a Brief’ assignment - a Coca-Cola product shoot.

Outlining the concept for the shoot, Karl explains the specific requirements, including the lighting, layout and submission deadline. He also shares some useful tips and answers further questions from members that will help guide you as you tackle this project.

You can find the complete brief, including visual sketches, mood board images and description, here.

Slightly more challenging than some of our previous briefs, this assignment will test your lighting control, composition decisions, and attention to detail.

Images must be sent in before the deadline of 16th June. You can submit your image using the form at the bottom of the brief. These will be reviewed in the follow-up live show on 24th June.

You'll find a number of classes within our product photography course that will be helpful for this assignment.


Brief Assignment 5

Coca-Cola Product Shoot

Find out everything you need to know about our fifth 'Working to a Brief' Assignment, including the lighting and layout requirements and how to submit your image.
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Previous brief assignments include:


  1. Hi Karl.

    Are these the type of questions that you would ask during one of your product meetings with a art director?

  2. The replay doesn’t truly start until 22 minutes in, for those who were wondering and looked at the comments to check.

    1. Hi James they are trimmed the next day and republished without the pre-broadcast, the pre-broadcast unfortunately is necessary to check the feed and that everything is working but thank you for letting other members know in the meantime.

    2. Thanks James. I kept reloading the page thinking it just wasn’t up yet. Didn’t think I had to wait 20 minutes 😆

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