Photography Pricing – How much to charge for your photography

As someone who’s done it for over 20 years, trust me when I say running a successful photography business and making money from photos requires more than just talent. It requires hard work, dedication and business savvy.

Knowing how much to charge for photography is just one of the hurdles you’ll have to overcome if you want to make it, but it can be challenging (especially for photographers just starting out) so I’ve outlined some important points to help guide you.

This video is based on my “How much to charge for photography?” blog, where I detail how to calculate what to charge for your work and what professional photographers make, and share tips on how to run a successful photography business.

What’s covered in this class:

  • What is Commercial Photography?
  • What is Social Photography?
  • Photography Pricing Guide
  • Using External Services.
  • Example Earnings, Profits, and Taxes.
  • Photography Pricing Plans
  • What do Professional Photographers Charge?

To read the original blog, click here.

For more advice on how to run a successful photography business, make sure to take a look at our Business of Photography course, which covers everything from pricing your work, marketing yourself, and what you need to grow your business. This in-depth course is specifically designed for photographers, by photographers, as I share my 25-years worth of experience.

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  1. Hi Karl,
    This may be more a question for your video person. How does he/she magnify you at different focal points as you go through your talking? The audio and video are always together. Just curious, in case I want to make a video for future work to make it more interesting.



    1. Hi Mark, we either have two cameras set up on me or one of them is filming in 4K and as then we simply make a cut on the timeline and then increase that cut in scale so it looks like another camera but it was just the original footage enlarged for a brief period.

  2. 👏🏻 Another great video, thanks for this Karl and team.
    It might be worth mentioning; when it comes to working out your desired salary / wages to also consider the realistic local labor market—and what it realistically bears.

    For instance, when I lived and worked in London, I was able to charge 33% more than what I can locally charge Norwich (100 miles away) clients. This is partly down to the prestige of location (London) cost of living and other factors. But does this mean you’ll only work for local clients? Maybe, but maybe not. Your marketing will help with that.

    Also, remember chargeable, billable hours are actually client-signed-off-happy-to-pay-for-it-hours. When you’re not actually working, you’re having to work AT getting work. Making sales, calling people, chatting them up, scrolling through Instagram, sending emails etc. Which, is unpaid and comes at an opportunity cost.

    Everytime I sign in to this platform, I think Karl is smashing it, because he’s got such a great team behind him. The shear effort it takes to think, plan and create this content to promote himself—and keep the standard extremely high is amazing—however, adds to his prestige and gravitas. And doubt, contributes to his daily rate value.

    In summary; Photography always costs less than what you think until you do the numbers.

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