Producing large prints

Here Karl looks at some of the final and most successful images from the trip and discusses producing large prints of the final images at a pro printing lab.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Impossible to overstate how inspiring, educational and entertaining this series was for me. I’ve been shooting landscapes for about 3 years now and have started to introduce some elements of fashion/portraiture into the landscape. You’ve created the perfect guidance for me to take my work to the next level. Thanks very much, Karl and team!

  2. I really enjoyed the fashionscape series, I watched every day since becoming a member this past Friday; I watched a little each day after work. I enjoyed watching your process throughout the BTS footage and I am looking forward to watching more videos.


  3. Dear Karl

    What is your take on materials like dibond and acrylic for printing? I mostly shoot macro or portraits so detail and texture is key. I’m a strong advocate of dibond as it excels at this but also because it’s easier to hand it over to a customer without further framing.

    What’s your take?


    1. Hi Chaitanya, I’ve never tried it but I can certainly raise the question with Master printer John Fitzgerald who is a guest on our next live show, if you miss the show you can watch it on replay.

  4. Thanks Karl I have really enjoyed the entire trip, and also learned lots of things
    for the outdoor shooting . I also thank to your entire team as they are great
    also the model she has really taken a great responsibility
    Thank you all

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