Raw vs Jpeg

In photography, we can think about file formats as the ‘package’ an image comes in and in this class Karl looks at the different file formats and what they mean for our photographs.

When it comes to file formats, there’s no shortage of options. While the argument for or against file types often comes down to RAW vs JPEG, each of the other file types has their part to play too. But what do the different formats mean, and which one is best?

This class looks at formats such as JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PSB, PNG, BMP, and RAW and explains what each of these means. Karl also explains the relation of bit depth and why this is an important concept to understand when it comes to file formats.

Finally, Karl takes a closer look at two of the most common file types — RAW and JPEG — and does a comparison between the processing results when it comes to shadow and highlight detail recovery, changing colour temperature, adjusting exposure and what this all does to the overall image quality.

Karl also touches on the best working practices for different files, whether you’re planning to print your image, looking to maximise storage space or retouch your photos.

This class covers the following:

  • Understanding digital file formats
  • The differences between types of file formats
  • File types for printing, storage considerations and retouching
  • RAW vs JPEG differences
  • RAW vs JPEG visual comparison

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