Seascapes Tips and Tricks

In this video, Karl is down at a lovely location looking for coastal details and seascape compositions. Finding a couple of shots that should work out well, Karl reveals a few useful photo tips that he uses when looking for seascape shots.

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  1. One tip I discovered is using live view when using high strength filters like a big stopper.
    For instance, I wanted to shoot some blur in a distant windmills going around whilst retaining other parts sharp in daylight.
    I focus using the viewfinder 1/3 in the distance if say using F16. For this shot I couldn’t use a grad because the subject was entering the sky, so a little brightening of the shadow details in Photochop may be required, depending on the light source direction. Then I pop the filter on and turn on live view as your viewfinder is practically black. You can then adjust the shutter speed down to say 1/2s and keep the low ISO (just as you like low ISO Karl :)) until the image comes into view on the LCD and usually the exposure meter helps you in the right direction. Because its live view and essential a video screen this makes it possible. This works well in daylight or 1 hour before sunset when using filters and exposure is usually on the mark.
    It saves using a chart or taking a number of test shots.

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