How to Photograph Products With LED Lights and Illuminating Screens

A common challenge that many photographers face these days is how to photograph products with LED lights or illuminating screens. In this live photography workshop Karl guides you through each step of such a product shoot.

Lighting is key when it comes to photographing products like this and this is what Karl focuses on throughout the show. He demonstrates useful lighting setups and also shows how changes in light can influence the shot. Once satisfied with the lighting on the product, he then explains how to capture the illuminations on the product.

Shooting live, he then shows useful retouching techniques to finish off the final shot.

Zoom product image
In this class:

  • How to photography products with LEDs and screens
  • Product photography lighting techniques and tips
  • Determining correct exposures for capturing on-screen illumination
  • Basic retouching techniques for product photography

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  1. Finally someone who shares my clamp fetish!
    The first 4 minutes were almost porn, all those beautiful clamps!

  2. Hey Karl, if I wanted to shoot chocolate at an angle (floating) is there anything you could recommend that I could use to hold it up?

  3. How do you choose between using frosted acrylic or a scrim? Would a big 5in1 reflector work as well with the white translucent fabric?

    1. Hi, I generally go for acrylic on smaller stuff like jewellery because the right size acrylic for this isn’t to big and it’s rigid enough to clamp above or lean etc. When the items get bigger then larger acrylic is too difficult to handle. A well made scrim frame with LEE diff will serve you just as well for the most part unless it’s not well made and you have to may ripples etc which might show up in your lighting reflections. White fabric isn’t any use as it often forms a starburst pattern of light through the fabric because of its weave.

  4. totally agree we register with KARL TAYLOR EDUCATION do learn so much and the best secret to product photography. 😀 😀 😀

  5. I signed up for your class last night and this is the first video I am watching in full. I am truly grateful for you sharing your years of knowledge! IMO, you can not get this level of detail from the videos I’ve found on YouTube.

    I had to stop the video and tell you this when I heard you yell out “I LOVE GRADIENT LIGHTING” at the 1:08:14 mark in this video. I could feel the love through my computer and I want that feeling too! lol

    Best of luck to you my friend!


  6. Hey Karl, thanks so much for everything!
    Quick question,
    What kind of honey comb are you using? I cannot find one as thick as the one you are using it. I have couple of it but it doesn’t make the same effect as yours. Could you tell me the specifications and where I will be able t find it?
    Thanks a lot

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