Shiny Chrome Kettle Product Photography

It may sound easy and it may look easy, but shooting reflective sphere-shaped objects is a complicated task! Shooting objects like this, or even jewellery, where you want to retain that metallic feeling while avoiding unsightly reflections, can often be a real challenge.

Often a go-to solution is to use a light tent, or light box, but in this class Karl explains why these aren’t really the best option. Instead, he demonstrates a simply DIY lighting equipment solution that you can make yourself and that works better!

Throughout this class, you’ll see Karl’s step-by-step workflow and how he builds up his lighting to maintain that lovely metallic look on the subject while controlling and removing unwanted reflections in the metalwork.

Class objectives:

  • How to photograph reflective objects
  • Demonstrate techniques for controlling reflections on shiny objects
  • Lighting setups for product photography on a white background
  • How to balance multiple lights
  • Demonstrate how to control light by adjusting the distance from the subjects

You can also find a full retouching tutorial where Karl explains the post-production process for this shiny kettle.

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NOTE: This class is available with English subtitles and automatic translations.


  1. Its an absolute nightmare shooting such extremely reflective product, I normally use a cube to shoot and do a lot of work in post, will tryout your method. thanks for the class.

  2. I’m curious if you use that tube horizontally to shoot other things chrome or shiny? How else have you used the tube? I saw the video where you used a cone to photograph jewelry, another interesting light tent technique. I just finished a chanel lipstick with a chrome finish, both cylinder and square, which were a challenge.. hours of subtle tweaks to position and lights and scrims. You don’t realize how fussy it is until you are working with it. I felt that photo was a success because the photoshop work was an hour or less to finish. Now that I tried once, I feel like I need to dive in to learn and better understand dealing with shiny gloss or chrome finishes.

    1. Hi Gary, I’ve not used the tube horizontally but I use the cone alot for small stuff. Other wise it’s boxing in with scrims.

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