Siros Part 4 – speed test

Here’s the fourth and final video in the Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit review series. In this video Karl and the team take a look at how fast these Siros lights actually are by splashing and smashing whisky glasses together! in this video Karl also covers:

How these economic Siros 2 lights compare to the incredible pro-level Scoro system

The smashing & splashing whisky glass lighting set-up in our studio.

How we get fast flash duration and what settings Karl uses



  1. Do you know if the 400S has a shorter duration than the 800S?
    Also maybe i missed in the demonstration. Was the setting all the way down on the power to allow the shorter duration?

    1. Hi David, no I don’t thinks so. With all of these (and the scoros) you need to get the lights down to around 100J or less to get the fast flash durations.

  2. Hi Karl, great stuff! I’m wondering if you achieved the depth of field you were looking for, and if you had to push the ISO for this shot. I’m making some comparisons to the Profoto D2’s.

    1. Hi Brian, with the Siros and Scoros the fastest flash durations work up as far as half of the available flash power ranges so for example on the Scoro I have from power 10 down to power 0.1, on the Siros it’s from 10 down to 2. Each step down is one stop reduction. On the Scoro I can get the fastest durations at 5.0 and below but they are still quicker than many flashes when higher than that.

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  3. Hi Karl, you mentioned an App that trigger your camera, how it works?, it´s available in itunes? Thanks have a great day!.

    1. Hi we now use the MIOPS trigger as this has been the best one. There are others available as apps and I think MIOPS may have an app too?

    1. Hi Jan, we designed them and then made prototypes from MDF and then had a sign service/plastic company make them from acrylic from our prototypes.

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