Building Studio Blocks and Frames

Need some basic blocks and frames to kit out your set? Wondering how to make your own wooden white cubes or apple boxes for photography? It can be simpler than you think to build your own posing blocks or other studio furniture props.

Watch Karl and Tim get to work with some pre-cut plywood, a tape measure, an electric drill, a handful of screws and a few cans of paint as they build some new props for the studio, including a posing block set and some large freestanding square frames.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build posing blocks for photography
  • Making large frames for fashion photography
  • How to build and paint photography studio furniture props


Karl and Tim get to work with the drill as they add to our stock of photography studio equipment by constructing some new wooden boxes and frames.

Putting the finishing touches on the DIY posing blocks and setting them up for the shoot.

Behind the scenes of the frames in use during a fashion shoot in our studio.

Behind the scenes of studio blocks in use a variety of different fashion shoots.

For more tips for building your own photography props, have a look at our ‘Sets, Props and Problem Solving‘ class.



  1. What were the approx sizes of the blocks I heard 40x40x80cm & 60x60x60cm mentioned think there were some other sizes?

    Thanks Stephen

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