Soft and Fresh Lighting

Karl is again joined by broncolor’s Urs Recher as they demonstrate another four light studio setup. In this photography class they use basic modifiers and standard equipment to create a lovely soft light for flattering portraits.

This highly adaptable four light studio setup, which is ideal for small studios, is perfect for quick yet effective portraits and group shots, as was explained in chapter 38. Karl and Urs expand on that setup and show you exactly how to achieve this almost shadowless high key image.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Studio photography: How to shoot portrait images
  • How to shoot creative portraiture using four lights
  • Photographing in a small studio
  • How to control light in a small studio space
  • How to set up studio lighting for high key portraiture

To see how to achieve this studio lighting setup with three lights, click here.

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. Outstanding detail and attention to all the small things that add up to great photography, appreciate what you both have done here! Thanks again, I’ve learned so much!

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