Sexy and sensual

As Karl and Urs continue to explore creative studio lighting setups, they use just three lights to create this sexy boudoir style shot.

It’s an easy and effective setup that can be modified to achieve a few different looks. After Urs explains the concept of lens flare and how to avoid it, Karl decides to incorporate it into the shot in a creative way.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait photography: Boudoir photography
  • Lens flare: How to avoid it
  • How to use lens flare for creative effect
  • Lighting ratios for studio photography
  • How to control studio light exposure
  • How to create hard/soft light
  • Creative rim light setup

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. I think in my studio I tend to overcomplicate things.

    You guys tend to make it look so easy. I must remember to watch more of your tutorials before my next photo shoot.

  2. Great lighting. Though personally I prefer the non-flared version, just looks sharper. Interesting the flare increasing the exposure like it does.

  3. Hi Karl, not sure if you mentioned it in the video, but I wondered where your focus point would be, would it still be on the models eye or in the centre of the model.

  4. A great session. I definitely learned some stuff in this course. I like that you tried that variation of lighting with and without flare. Very nice effect both ways.

  5. Definitely enjoyed the shoot. The amount of effort and trail and error can only be appreciated by another photographer I think. Karl and Urs was looking good…..

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