Studio Space and Making It Work

Working in a small studio doesn’t have to be a limitation. You can make smaller studio spaces work for you with just a little bit of planning, organization and creativity.

This photography class provides a number of tips and tricks for setting up a studio, whether it be your first home photography studio or your fourth professional studio. From storing equipment to safety considerations, Karl explains what to think about when setting up your own studio and how to make the most of available space.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Maximizing space
  • Storing your photographic equipment
  • Tips for setting up a home studio
  • Useful equipment and accessories for photography
  • Safety considerations in photography studios
  • Displaying your photographic work

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Could I ask where you got the cart with the four wheels at 3:30 from? It has what looks like a blue can of cleaner and an orange duster on it. Been looking for something like that for a while.

  2. I’m building a house with a garage doubling as a studio. Dimensions 11m by 6m by 3.1m height. What colours would you suggest painting the 3 bare walls and especially the ceiling, which is a bit low for a studio?

    1. Hi Andrew, that sounds like a great sized studio, only slightly smaller than my last studio. I’d paint the whole thing white as the white walls and ceiling can be great reflector bounces when you need them. Of course when you don’t need them they can be a massive problem which is why as you’ll see in some of my other classes I recommend black foam board panels that you can quickly velcro to the ceiling when needed and black curtains to pull around the walls. Unfortunately not the simple answer you might have wanted but the fact is that both white and black both have their advantages on different shoots.

  3. Hi Karl,
    So I am limited to a space with maximum height of 8ft. my maximum depth is about 10 ft from my subject. What would you suggest for this setup. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi, well you can make it work for product photography if you’re tidy and organised and you could probably manage a few head shots or beauty shots, but you won’t be shooting fashion or full length in that space. And you’ll have to take my tips about darkening your studio that can be found in the portrait classes.

  4. Hey Karl,
    What is the material on the floor and backdrop? Not paper is it? How do you keep it clean?

  5. Hi Karl, what color(s) would you recommend for painting the walls of a small, carpeted, ten-foot ceiling studio? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ariel, I’d still go with white but create some blackout fabric panels or curtains that you can put up when you need

  6. Thanks so much karl. please what is name of the material you used as the white background and where can get such.

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