Sunrise Landscape Photography

When it comes to sunrise photography, timing is everything. Take too long prepping and setting up your shot and the magic moment may pass.

In this landscape photography class, Karl sets up and shoots a series of images in a very short space of time, demonstrating how to adjust your camera settings to suit the changing light.

He also goes into detail about the filters he’s using, when and how to use both soft and hard graduated neutral density filters, and how, when used correctly, they eliminate the need for compositing shots together.

In this class:

  • Landscape photography
  • How to photograph sunrises
  • Working with filters
  • Hard and soft ND filters
  • Determining and adjusting exposure for changing light

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  1. Hello Karl,
    Do you generally focus on the foreground? Do you use manual or autofocus
    thank you,

    1. Hi Evgenia, I tend to focus manual and check the focus on screen by zooming in. In this instance I focused just beyond the railings, knowing my depth of field and wide angle lens would provide me enough coverage to ensure that all of the foreground area was sharp.

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