Testing and Comparing 25+ Lighting Modifiers

Have you tried our Lighting Comparison Visualiser yet? This amazing tool lets you compare more than 40 lighting effects achieved using 25+ different modifiers.

The first step in building this tool was an epic photoshoot. In this video, which first appeared on our YouTube channel, you’ll go behind the scenes on that shoot.

Then you’ll watch Karl conduct a thorough comparison of each effect, helping you figure out exactly which modifier you need to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Questions or comments about this class? Please feel free to post them below.


  1. Hi Karl,
    we are toying with the idea of buying a Para.
    We do full body shots for our small fashion label.
    We just don’t know what size 88, 133 or 177?
    Can you give us a tip?
    Thanks in advance

        1. Hello Karl,
          We now have the Para 177 but unfortunately had to find out that our Profoto b10 + is too weak.
          With short flash sequences, the images became darker with the second flash.
          How powerful should the new flash be?

          1. Hi, a 600W light but with a protruding bulb should be sufficient?

  2. Karl,

    I am learning a lot from your courses. Before I signed up, I had no clue about lighting. I am really enjoying the way you put everything up together.

    Can you please recommend a light modifier for newborn baby photography? I have looked up at several places before and people were suggesting 65-inch umbrella with a diffuser on it.

    Like here: https://www.paulcbuff.com/Flash-Units/Lighting-Kits/Newborn-Kit.html

    Would you recommend it or can I go with a 60-inch Octobox. Or would you suggest something different altogether.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jyothi, the umbrella you mention would work well and it would produce a good soft light but they are a bit bulky and unbalanced to use as the rod that holds the umbrella often isn’t strong enough for that size of umberlla. The 150cm Octabox gives a slightly better light and is more compact and easier to handle but a little bit thinner. In our comparison App you can compare a 65inch white umbrella against a 150cm Ocatbox. For baby shots though in the longer term you are going to need more than one light as you will need at least one light for the baby (and a big white reflector board) and you will need a light for the background/set. You can do a lot with one or two lights as you will see in the sections on that in our portrait section but obviously the more lights the easier it is to create more options with your lighting.

  3. Hi Karl,

    Couple of general questions:

    1. I have gone through your modifiers comparison tool and spent quite a bit of time in carefully looking at the differences. Your paras indeed produce incredible images, the best. I noticed that 110 cm deep focus umbrella has produced an incredible image as well. Slightly better than beauty dish and para 88, do you agree with it? Is it white inside or silver inside the umbrella?

    2. From your years of experience what kind of catch light in the eyes did you like the most:
    1) catch light from an octobox
    2) catch light from an umbrella
    3) catch light from a rectangular softbox
    4) catch light from a square softbox

    3. Again from your years of expereince did you like/lean more towards silver or white soft boxes?

    1. Hi Jsamayam.
      1. The deep focus 110 is a good modifier (silver inside) but i think I prefer the 70cm Silver Beauty Dish for consistency, ease of use and look.
      2. I’m not really too concerned as the catchlights in the eyes can easily be adjusted or changed if necessary, I’m most concerned with overall lighting but people don’t often like the catchlights in the eyes from Paras. But I would say I like the Horizontal 30x120cm softbox catchlight or the Satellite Starro the best. Octabox catchlights are also good but as I say I’m thinking more about the overall lighting.
      3. There would be no difference in the inside of a softbox being silver or white if the internal and front diffusion are good. Both are meant to put out an homogenous diffused light the silver one would probably just be a bit brighter.

    1. Hi, it’s in your customer ‘home page’ very top of the page of our website, just to the left of the ‘my account’ button. You will then find the app in there.

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