Wacom Cintiq Review

In this Video Karl gives an honest unboxing and  first impression of the Wacom Cintiq.


  1. I’m guessing cause I really haven’t read the instructions…….. HAHAHHAHAHAHA ! Sounds like me, I toss them out all the time.

  2. Hi Karl ! (first post here !)
    I was wandering about the Cintiq.
    Like you I have a professional screen for retouch (Eizo ColorEdge sadly not 4K) and a little A4 wacom tablet.
    My question for you is, what is the point having both the Cintiq and the pro. screen ?
    Since you can work on the Cintiq and they can be both calibrated.
    What workflow for you has been the best one ?
    Are you still using the screen ? If yes, for what purpose and how much time?

    1. Hi Florian, the Eizo is just a better picture than the cintiq, it has a better spectrum and just looks better. The Cintiq also has a layer of plastic over the screen for the pen to work on it and this slightly diffuses the images by a small amount. It’s also not 4K although I believe they do offer a 4K version now. I purchased the cintiq thinking the screen was going to be as good as the Eizo and it was good but not as good. I’ve move the Cintiq into the studio for shooting to and having a calibrated screen and also doing ‘live’ retouching for workshops etc and I’ve stuck my 4k Eizo in my office for the more intense retouch requirements.

  3. I was given the 13″ to do a review on. I had similar feeling that it was best for a artist/graphic artist. The 13″ was too small to work in PS in for me. All the panels just too small. I kept saying I wanted to see the larger one in use. I prefer my Wacom Bamboo over the 13″ Cintiq for my work flow. But, I will move up to an Intuos.

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