Wall Art Shells: Psychedelic Vibes Photoshoot

In this still life photography class, you’ll discover how to turn a simple object like a scallop shell into an eye-catching piece of psychedelic art, perfect for hanging on your wall.

You’ll discover how to use coloured gels (in conjunction with grids) to create interesting visual effects, plus how to use focus stacking to ensure pin-sharpness where you need it.

You’ll also see Karl try a polarising filter on his camera and use some basic sheet metal as a reflector.

The end result is a striking, colourful image you can easily recreate at home.

Be sure to watch Wall Art Shells: Psychedelic Vibes | Post-Production to see how Karl polished up this shot in Photoshop.

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In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for still life photography
  • Product photography with coloured gels
  • Focus stacking in product photography
  • Four-light setups for product photography
  • How to use a polarising filter

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