1. A wealth of priceless information, Karl, thank you! Quick question: I am looking to upgrade from my Canon 5D Mark III but on the fence about sticking with a DSLR or switching to mirrorless. If I did switch to mirrorless it is my understanding that I can use my Canon lenses but will need an adaptor – do you know if this will cause any compromising of image quality?
    Also, are you also considering moving to mirrorless the next time you upgrade? Would love to know your opinion for yourself. I would love to upgrade to the mirrorless Hasselblad but the problem is the lenses. Just can’t afford to do both – new camera AND new lenses at the same time. :-/
    Thanks again for this great video.

    1. Hi Robin, yes because the lens flange is closer to the sensor on mirrorless cameras then the lens design is different (all designed to make mirrorless cameras more compact). As such I’d expect there would be trade offs in using non mirrorless lenses on mirrorless cameras. My experience is that any glass bases adaptor will have some form of negative effect, sometimes (such as the Hasselblad HTS 1.5) adaptor it’s indiscernible and you’ll be fine but in others such as 2x convertors it is more noticeable. I guess you’d have to check any MTF performance charts for these adaptor and lens combinations to see if they meet your needs otherwise yes it’s a case of switching the whole system or doing it gradually or considering sticking with what you have in DSLR or other DSLRs. Keep in mind there is nothing magically improved by the camera being mirrorless, it’s just more compact and will have better video and probably faster frames per second but the actual image quality won’t be better as such. Of course there is some amazing tech coming into mirroless such as the focusing performance (like the Sony A1) etc but that in itself doesn’t make better picture quality.

      1. Thank you Karl, this information further helps my decision-making. Coincidentally renting the Mark IV this week and giving it a go. Hopefully a Hassleblad after that to try out.

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