Whisky product retouching

This shot looks simple and effective and the Photoshop work used in this chapter reflects that. Here Karl explains the simple techniques that he used to perfect the image to a level that is professional and good enough for any advertising campaign.


  1. Hi Karl, I have enjoyed both the BTS and the retouching of the Whisky Product Shot.

    What is the size of the black acrylic you are using?

  2. In my opinion the bottle looks like it contains honey after this retouching, It seems you managed to capture some opaque liquid that’s not similar to the one in the glass. Is this an industry standard?

    1. Hi Marius, if you take a look at the video you’ll see that this isn’t really retouching, the light through the bottle is the light passing through the glass and the liquid. Often different bottles refract the light differently which can (and the colour of the glass) give a different appearance to the liquid. However a rich gold, yellow to orange colour is common. I’ve shot images for several big whisky companies but I wouldn’t say it’s an industry standard. You can see on this particular companies whisky it’s rich colour https://www.johnniewalker.com/en/our-whisky/johnnie-walker-colours/black-label/ but others on their website are different and you will find that in many different websites. Usually for the advertising in the print/magazines the whisky looks ‘golder’ like in my example because it catches the eye.

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