White Blocks Fashion Shoot

In this fashion photography class, Karl shows you how to create broad, soft lighting by using the white studio wall as a kind of giant softbox.

You’ll see Karl and the team working hard to position the white blocks perfectly and find the right power setting for the lights directed at the wall. He also explains his choice of modifier for these background lights.

Once the model enters the shot, you’ll watch Karl introduce a new fill light, plus some props, as he seeks the ideal exposure for Suzannah, her outfit and her accessories.

Then it’s time for Suzannah to throw some shapes as she and Karl experiment with a range of dynamic poses, including some involving a wind machine.

To wrap up the class, Karl explains how he decided which shot to take forward into post-production.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • Creating broad, soft light in a white studio
  • Composition in fashion photography
  • Octabox 150 photography
  • Finding the right exposure
  • Working with a model in fashion photography

Check out White Blocks Fashion | Post-Production to watch Karl edit and retouch this shot.

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