White Wine Photography

In this live workshop, now available to watch as a replay, Karl delivers another bottle photography masterclass as he turns his lights and camera on a bottle of white wine, demonstrating some vintage techniques that you can easily recreate in your own studio.

You’ll discover a range of techniques and tips, from setting up and styling the shot to perfecting the lighting setup with subtle tweaks and adjustments.

As Karl answers viewer questions in real time, you’ll enjoy a true behind-the-scenes experience, learning from an seasoned professional as he shares his expertise to help you improve your skills.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for bottle photography
  • Photography with softbox modifiers
  • How to take photographs of bottles
  • Styling tips for bottle photography

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Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. I simply love these shows, especially the logical way Karl explains what he is doing and why, and how he is answering upcoming questions. Thanks a lot to Karl and the whole team at KTE

  2. Excellent as always Karl, about 3 weeks too late for me as I had to shoot champagne and rose wine bottles for a client the other day and could have done with this knowledge of scrims and lighting the punt (great word). My question is regarding the condensation. I used this technique when shooting the champagne but decided to keep it away from the paper label and foil top as I did not feel that condensation would be on these materials, what’s your opinion?

    1. Hi Jason. I generally shield the labels a little with my hand or a piece of paper so it has less condensation on it. Not because I don’t think condensation would form there but more to protect the legibility of the brand.

  3. Excellent as always, thanks Karl & team.
    Great idea for Tim to walk a 360 deg around the studio / set up at the end, so we can see the whole lighting set up from every angle. That could be useful as a feature in future shows.

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