Wine Bottle Photography

As a commercial photographer Karl specialises in product photography and in this live product photography workshop, where he shoots a bottle of red wine, he shares a host of useful techniques that can be applied to the genre as a whole.

In this show he demonstrates two very different lighting setups to achieve a variety of different shots, explaining the modifiers, background choices, lighting considerations and post-production requirements for each.

You can follow step by step as he reveals the gradual process of achieving the perfect product photograph of a bottle of red wine.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

  • Product photography: How to photograph wine bottles
  • Product photography tips
  • Lighting modifiers for product photography
  • Rim lighting techniques
  • How to control reflections in bottles
  • Working with composite images
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Photographing using coloured gels

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  1. hey karl , what if i make these scrims only and use it on mostly product shoots rather than using those softboxes , is this will good enough for most of the product shoots? or i have to include those softboxes also ? as i have seen you using mostly scrims with lights having reflectors .

    1. Hi Adarsh, there are many shoots where I only use the bare bulb studio light through a scrim but for a lot of bottle shots I do need a softbox especially the 30×120 shape is often used.

    1. Hi, it’s listed on LEE’s website and it is mostly used in the film industry so you might try some film supply companies or pro photography supplies in main city’s or ask LEE or see LEE’s dealers on their website.

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