Working to a Brief – Assignment 5 REVIEW

Working to a Brief - Assignment 5 REVIEW

Live On: Thursday 24th June 2021 - 15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT

In this live show, Karl will reviews all the images submitted for our fifth 'Working to a brief' assignment.

For this particular brief members were set the task of shooting a product image for the well-known soft drink company Coca-Cola. This particular brief presented a number of challenges, including creating perfect condensation, creating gradient lighting on the product, and capturing a good liquid pour. You can view the full brief here.

We saw some great examples of images that closely fit the brief, with one image being chosen as the overall top image - it was of such high quality it wouldn't feel out of place on a billboard for Coca-Cola!

Other photographers faced issues such as not getting aesthetic looking liquid in the glass, incorrect lighting and also not getting the correct angle of view on the can, but there were also some stunning liquid pours, gradients and 'cold-look' cans and glasses of Coca-Cola that really had you fancying a can yourself.

You can view a full catalogue of previous brief assignments, click here.


  1. Today was good. I am happy with the new way. It’s nice to see how the photo that nailed the brief throughout the show. Good idea….:0)

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