Working to a Brief – Assignment 5 REVIEW

Working to a Brief - Assignment 5 REVIEW

Live On: Thursday 24th June 2021 - 15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT

In this live show, Karl will reviews all the images submitted for our fifth 'Working to a brief' assignment.

For this particular brief members were set the task of shooting a product image for the well-known soft drink company Coca-Cola. This particular brief presented a number of challenges, including creating perfect condensation, creating gradient lighting on the product, and capturing a good liquid pour. You can view the full brief here.

We saw some great examples of images that closely fit the brief, with one image being chosen as the overall top image - it was of such high quality it wouldn't feel out of place on a billboard for Coca-Cola!

Other photographers faced issues such as not getting aesthetic looking liquid in the glass, incorrect lighting and also not getting the correct angle of view on the can, but there were also some stunning liquid pours, gradients and 'cold-look' cans and glasses of Coca-Cola that really had you fancying a can yourself.

You can view a full catalogue of previous brief assignments, click here.


  1. Hi Karl, it would be really helpful if we have a live show about shooting cans, I had tried before but I feel there must be some points that I need to learn because they seem different, I mean their material some are mat some not, so personally, I will be so happy to learn more about shooting cans.
    And also I wanna say thank you for your videos and lessons, I have learned so much about photography here, my view and skill totally changed.


    1. Hi Sarah, yes as mentioned in this show I will be conducting this shoot as a class before the end of this year. I will make a note to be clear on any issues concerning cans/lighting.

  2. Hey Karl,
    One question, is there a possibility that we could see how you would shoot this?

    Best regards Daniel

  3. I’m a bit puzzled as to how strict the brief has to be followed. Looking at the winning entry from Jesse I noticed some small differences, like glow in the background darker or the angle to the bottle quite different etc. In some classes it was explained that the brief has to be followed strictly in order to satisfy the customer. Maybe I got that wrong and there is a bit of playroom with a minor (or major?) risk the result will not be approved. Might be nice to understand that a bit better, not sure if the comment section is the right medium, maybe something that could be part of an upcoming class/show with examples. I can’t imagine I’m the only one with that questionmark in my head.

    Other than that – great and hard challenge with a steep learning curve, thanks!

    1. Hi, in the show before this that covered the brief for this shoot I’m pretty sure I covered during the one hour the acceptable level of variation. On most briefs a sketch is a sketch for the layout and is somewhat flexible as long as the overall balance is matched and the mood required is adhered to or improved.

  4. I’m surprised the winning shot had no bad comment on the glass bottle’s label. Clearly badly photoshopped as the CocaCola logo doesn’t wrap around the bottle properly.

  5. Today was good. I am happy with the new way. It’s nice to see how the photo that nailed the brief throughout the show. Good idea….:0)

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