'Architecture' Competition Winners

Here are the winners of our 'Architecture' photography competition.

We brought the year to a close on a high note with our final competition for 2019. This month our lucky winner walks away with a fantastic broncolor Siros lighting kit valued at $3400!

We had a great selection of submissions so it wasn't an easy decision picking out the very best; in fact we decided to award a joint third place prize because we simply couldn't separate the winners (and we felt like being generous).

Thank you to all our members who entered, and well done to our winners!

The winner of the Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit is...

1st Prize

Lal Nallath 1st Prize
Prize winner Claudio Heller with a broncolor Siros lighting kit

1st Place - Claudio Heller

This winning image by Claudio Heller was a firm favourite among the team. Strong, clean lines as well as different tones and types of light all came together to create a very dynamic and powerful image. That additional detail of the perfectly white, fluffy cloud also added to the image. This abstract architectural image wins Claudio a broncolor Siros lighting kit. Congratulations Claudio!

2nd Prize

Nicolas Logerot 2nd Prize
Nicolas Logerot Prize image

2nd Place - Otto Schlemmer

This strong dynamic image, with it’s moody feel, imposing perspective and strong lines, was another favourite amongst the team. Otto wins a LEE Filters Super Stopper.

3rd Prize (Joint)

Dilesh Solanki 3rd Prize
Dilesh Solanki Prize image

3rd Place - Brice Mardon

In joint third was this eye catching image by Brice. The juxtaposing colours, interesting reflections and symmetrical composition all made for a very interesting image.

3rd Prize (Joint)

Dilesh Solanki 3rd Prize
Dilesh Solanki Prize image

3rd Place - Anthony Le Conte

Tied with Brice’s image was this beautiful image by Anthony. The multiple staircases create a great feeling of three dimensionality and the composition really keeps the viewer’s attention.

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  1. During your video, you answered a question about selecting between a 50 mm and a 70-200 mm lens for studio work. You pointed out that the length of the studio governed the answer, because you needed to have enough space between lens and camera to frame the full figure of a model. As your were saying this, Georgie imitated a person cramped into a tight space, saying something like, “you don’t want to be squashed into a corner to get the shot.”

    That reminded me of a shot I took in 2015 in a very tight kitchenette space in the town of Breda in the Netherlands. To get the shot, I had to take the trash bags out of a filthy space under the sink and then cram myself into the deepest, darkest, wettest corner of the tiny enclosure to get the shot. After taking the shot, the model and I then had to put all the trash back where we’d found it.

    Thanks for reminding me of that moment!

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