Fashion Photography

Beyond lighting. Think like a pro.
This section will give you the inside scoop when it comes to fashion photography, both in studio and on location. Each fashion photography tutorial covers a variety of fashion photography tips, including fashion photography poses, where to find props for fashion photography and creative lighting setups for fashion photography. You’ll also have an inside look into planning for a fashion shoot so that you can achieve stunning results like this yourself.

Studio Fashion Photography

Stunning and effective fashion photography setups.

Learn how to bring your creative ideas to life with this in-depth studio fashion photography course. From developing a creative concept right through to building a set and creating DIY props, in each of these classes we take you right into the studio with Karl, where you’ll learn about the equipment, styling, and lighting used to create a range of stunning fashion images in a variety of photographic styles.

On Location Fashion Photography

Capture breathtaking fashion shots on location.
Photographing fashion outdoors offers a host of new creative opportunity, but it also comes with a fair share of challenges. How do you identify interesting locations? What equipment do you use? How do you balance daylight and studio flash? This section answers all of these questions, and more. Through step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn how to create your own stunning fashion images using natural light or studio flash, as Karl explains his creative thought process, his equipment, and lighting techniques for shooting fashion on location.


Learn what it takes to achieve great on-location fashion shots.

In these documentary-style fashion photography tutorials Karl and the team show you the thought process behind planning fashion shoots on location as they head to Iceland for one of their biggest projects yet. From logistics meetings and model castings through to fashion photography lighting setups and final shoots, you will learn professional fashion photography tips for working on location and get a number of creative ideas for fashion photography. Shot against breathtaking backdrops, there’s also a few bonus landscape photography tutorials too.

Beauty Photography & Retouching

Master flawless beauty portraits.

Broaden your knowledge and master your control of lighting with this selection of in-depth beauty photography classes. Learn everything you need to know about beauty lighting, including how to create hard and soft light, what modifiers to use and when, and how to use common modifiers in more creative ways. You’ll also learn about makeup, styling and posing for beauty photography, as well as how you can use simple props and accessories to add your own unique style to your images. Then, learn how to refine your images, with powerful post-production techniques for skin retouching.

Fashion Extras

Members' image critiques & guest interviews.

We’ve collated a series of additional stand-alone classes to help you take your understanding of fashion photography one step further. These include live show replays with professional fashion photographers and stylists, who generously share valuable insight into the industry, as well as a selection of fashion-focussed image critiques where Karl reviews members’ portrait and fashion images.

“I’ve learnt a lot but in particular the Fashion and beauty lighting - Now i don’t photograph models but I photograph brides and grooms. I took those techniques and use them for weddings, engagement shoots and even families. ”Poppy Larbalestier, Professional Wedding Photographer