Master fashion photography

Key steps to achieve stunning fashion photographs

Master fashion photography

How to get started in fashion photography in 6 simple steps

Fashion photography is a popular genre of photography, but it can seem daunting at first. These six simple steps will help you get started, create your own ideas and develop your own style.

Visual Narrative

Many of the best photographs are those that tell a story and have a narrative. As photographers, we should be encouraging our viewers to delve deeper into our images. How you create narrative is one of the ways that you can establish your creative identity as a fashion photographer within the industry. Take time to consider how you do this by constantly reflecting on your work and thinking about the creative direction you are travelling in.

visual narrative

Images by special guest Daria Belikova

Planning and Teamwork

Key to any successful fashion shoot is careful planning and good teamwork. Moodboards are an important tool for this that will help you clearly develop and communicate your ideas. Effective communication is another important skill and you’ll need to learn how to clearly convey your ideas and effectively work with makeup artists, models, stylists and assistants to bring your narrative to life.
planning and teamwork


Styling, in part, is what sets fashion photography apart from portrait photography. Good styling is an important part of any fashion shoot and it’s important that you find makeup artists, hair and fashion stylists that will help you realise your ideas. Work closely with each to bring their different skills together in alignment with your vision. 


Benjamin Franklin’s quote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” couldn’t be more true when it comes to fashion photography. You can never be too prepared. Think through each stage of your shoot — from preparing your set to sourcing outfits and props. Each shoot will require something different, a unique approach, but through careful preparation you’ll be equipped to handle whatever comes your way.


Lighting is an essential part of fashion photography and with the right knowledge of studio lighting and an understanding of the important theoretical concepts, you’ll learn how to bring your vision to life. Whether you only have one studio light or five, are working in the studio or out on location, there’s no limit to how creative you can be. Once you understand how best to use your equipment, the sky is the limit.

Indentify your hero image

At the end of the shoot immediately download your photographs from your camera to your computer to ensure they are backed up and can be reviewed clearly. Keep in mind, it is not always the last captured image that is necessarily the best one. Spend some time sieving through the shoot and pick out the strongest images. It may be good to revisit those you shortlisted with fresh eyes before making the final decision on your hero shot. The final stage would be to add any polishing touches in post production - follow our extensive post production courses for all levels!


Fashion photography tips

When it comes to fashion photography there are a few key skills that are worth learning about.

Finding the right team

finding the right team

Teamwork is an essential part of fashion photography. Finding the right team requires networking and communication. Whether you’re on the lookout for a set designer for a high-end fashion shoot or simply starting to build your portfolio, you need a team around you.  Start with aspiring models — they may need photographs for their portfolio too. Utilise social media to promote the people you work with on shoots and ask for the same in return. Not only will this build strong relationships with those you are connected with, but it will also give you greater exposure for future projects.

Sourcing outfits & props

sourcing outfits and props

In order to be able to create a strong narrative, outfits and props are key. These help set your scene and strengthen your image. Here you’ll need to work closely with your stylist, who will have an understanding of what you’ll need to best bring your ideas to life. If you’re working with a smaller team, you can find outfit ideas online and source props from friends, second hand stores or online retailers. Make sure you have everything you need before the day of the shoot. If you’re unsure of anything, test it before. This will allow you to jump straight in on shoot day and maximise your shooting time.

Building your portfolio

Daria Belikova

An online portfolio is essential for aspiring and professional fashion photographers alike. It is a reflection of your skills and shows potential clients what you have to offer. But be selective. Don’t put up multiple images that are similar and don’t include images just for the sake of it. This is your chance to curate your work in a way that best represents you and your creative voice. A beautiful example is that shown above, of our special guest Daria Belikova. Religious iconography, gothic fairytale and dramatic beauty are themes she’s incorporated throughout her portfolio to show her dark, ethereal style.

Get started

There are many different types of fashion photography, so whether you’re into catalogue, street or high-end fashion photography, using basic or more advanced equipment, we have the class for you.

Shooting on location

shooting on location
Step out of the studio and learn to photograph fashion on location. Whether you’re using speedlites or more professional studio lights, learn how to control your lighting and take control of your surroundings to get the best results. 

Simple beauty shots

beauty shot

Only own a few studio lights? No problem! You can work in the studio and on location with minimal equipment. Utilising affordable equipment like speedlites and popular modifiers like softboxes and umbrellas can achieve you great results.

Creative studio shoots

creative studio shoot
These more advanced classes demonstrate how to bring your creative vision to life using professional methods and modifiers. Learn how to use techniques such as long exposure and fast flash duration to get unique results.

Meet your tutor

Our fashion photography classes cover everything from basic to advanced, teaching you the steps required to achieve top results.  


Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor, a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, is known for his precise attention to detail and exquisite control of light. Throughout these classes he shows you a variety of creative lighting techniques for fashion photography and explains how, by understanding light, you can bring almost any idea to life. Throughout each class you'll be inspired by his knowledge and passion.

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Daria Belikova

Daria Belikova is an exciting talent emerging in the fashion world and is very quickly making a name for herself in the industry. A graduate from the London College of Fashion, her work has been featured in a number of exhibitions and on the covers of magazines. Daria has a strong understanding of what it takes to make it in the industry and is generous with her knowledge and insight.

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